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How To Add A User To Google Search Console

Type in the name of the property to which you would like to add additional users.  Click on that property.

Add A New User In Google Search Console

Every time I get a new client, or help a friend with their website, one of the first things I ask for is access to their Google Search Console account. Usually I am answered with a blank stare, but that's ok. If your site does have a Google Search Console account this is one of the best places for someone like me (and you) to see how potential clients and customers are finding your website.

Prerequisite - You have a Google Search Console Account already set up.

Google recently updated their Google Search Console platform, so if you are used to adding a new users on the older versions, this is also helpful for the new version of Search Console. Even people I work with in digital marketing find the new Google Search Console platform a little confusing, so do not feel like you need to know how to do this immediately. Learning how to add users to Google Search Console isn't difficult once you learn how to do it, but figuring out all of the steps can be frustrating if you don't know what you are looking for.

Adding a New User To The New GSC - Step By Step

Log into your Google Search Console account. -->

Type in the name of the property to which you would like to add additional users.  Click on that property.

Google Search Console Sear For Property

Once clicked, you will be directed to the "Overview" dashboard.

New Google Search Console Overview

Click on the sprocket on the lower left-hand corner.

google search console sidebar



This will bring you to the “Settings” page. Click on Users and permissions.

Then click on the BLUE RECTANGLE in the upper right that says “ADD USER”


Google Search Console Add User Blue Button

This will bring up the “Add User” screen


add user with permissions GSC


Type in the full email address of the person or company you want to add.  This must be a Google account email. Some businesses have Gmail/Google based email accounts so go ahead and type in the email you want to add. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised.  If the person's email is not Google based, they can create a Gmail account for free.

Restricted access only allows the user to VIEW the information.  Full access allows them to make changes, including uploading the disavow file.  Make sure you have a clear understanding what this person needs from the Google search console before granting full access.

Once you enter in a valid email, and choose their access level, they will receive an email saying they have been granted access to your GSC account.

If you are the Owner of the account, you can easily revoke their access at any time if necessary.